How To Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter – Unique Template/Sample

Winning an exceptional Scholarship is a great feeling. So why not write a Scholarship Thank You Letter to donors. That thousands of donors offering different types of scholarships to extraordinary and deserving students. And millions of students apply for these unique international scholarships. Winning a scholarship is also a blessing as it keeps you away from the loan stress.

So why not show gratitude to the donor organizations by writing a nice and polite Thank You Letter for scholarship. It is a very good gesture to your gratitude and humbleness to your donors. But the question is what should one write in a letter? And which word one should choose? We are here to guide you in this matter. 

We will provide you unique tips to Write the best letter. We will also be share some formates and good examples as well. Usually, the donor asks nothing in return. But receiving a thank you letter just let them know that the scholarship is greatly acknowledged. You can also visit Top Countries To Study Without IELTS – Study Abroad.

Importance of Thank You Letter

Scholarship donors are very generous people. They provide financial help selflessly and ask nothing in return. A thank you letter is basically an acknowledgment of their help and care. It is a reminder for them that they doing well by providing financial contribution in the elevation of education. It makes them keep help for future students as well. It also makes a connection between you and donors for future finances in the education sector.

Writing a Nice Letter – Step By Step Guide

A nice letter is not that hard. You just have to show your gratitude and let them know how this aid will help them build your future. A step by step guide is given below:

  1. Letter Formate:  Always use formal business formate for thank you letter.
  2. Greeting the Donor: Always address the donor or the sponsor organization. Never write the name of the selection committee. Start your letter by addressing and greeting the donor.
  3. Show Your Gratitude: The should donor know how thankful and appreciative you are for having this scholarship. Use sincere words and do not ask for additional aid or help. Never mention the scholarship amount. Always mention the scholarship by its name.
  4. Address the Impact on Life: Always mention the positive impact of the scholarship on your life and education. Mention the impact of this financial assistance on your future studies and career. Tell the donor how proud and honored your feel.
  5. Closing Remarks:  Tell the donor about future life plans after receiving this scholarship and how this aid can help future students in this education.
  6. Final Thank You:  After final remarks show your gratitude again by thanking and remind them to keep their generosity open for future students as well.
  7. Signature: At the end send ward regards with your name signature and date.
  8. Proof Reading: Do not forget to proofread the letter. Closely look for grammar and spelling mistakes. You do not want to leave a negative impact on a donor.

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Scholarship Thank You Letter Format

July 06, 2021

Bata Scholarship Foundation

PO Box 113


Subject: Scholarship Acknowledgement Letter

Dear Bata Scholarship Foundation Committee: 

I am writing to express my gratitude for being chosen as one of this year’s recipients of the Bata Scholarship. 

I cannot thank you enough for this honor. I assure you that I’ll be showing more devotion and giving more time to my studies this year without needing to take out another student loan. I am planning to pursue a career in medical science and know that this financial support is an investment in my future. 

Thank you again for your time and all your work! 


Your Name

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