MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2022 | Fully Funded

The wait is over, the most anticipated and awaited prestigious scholarship has been announced. The MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2022 in all Countries is open now. The MEXT scholarship is also known as Monbukagakusho Scholarship. This Japanese scholarship 2022 will Provide 9,500 Scholarships to students who want to start their Undergraduate program, Master’s program, and Ph.D./Doctoral Degree from top Japanese Universities. The MEXT Japanese Scholarship will afford all the expenses during the scholarship period.

MEXT Scholarship 2022 Pakistan is also offering MEXT undergraduate scholarships, MEXT master scholarships, and MEXT doctoral scholarships 2022. This is the best opportunity for Pakistani students and students from around the world to study in japan for free and study in Japan without IELTS and TOEFL. Almost all academic majors and specialties are available. Previous year 9423 students won the Japanese MEXT Scholarship 2021. Also, apply for University Of Calabria Scholarships 2021-2022 In Italy | Fully Funded.

MEXT Scholarships are announced every year by the Japanese Government to all participating countries. All the top Japanese universities participate in this Fully Funded scholarship. MEXT Scholarship is one of the best scholarships which is sponsored by the Japanese Government. The most brilliant minds from the world are inducted for these scholarships to enhance the research and educational programs. You can also visit Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation Japan 2021 Intake – Fully Funded.

MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship Details

  • Funding Country: Japan
  • Study Level: Bachelor’s, Masters, PhD
  • Award Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Different for each country
  • Sponsored by: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology known as MEXT.

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  • Undergraduate Programs: 4-5 Years
  • Masters Degree: 2-3 Years
  • Ph.D. Programs: 3-4 Years

Financial Coverage

The MEXT Japan Scholarship offers Fully Funded Scholarship support to all International Students. All the international students get free Study in Japan. Japanese government covers all the expenses. Following benefits will be awarded.

  • Regular Monthly Stipend or Preparatory Allowance
  • Free education will be provided. The tuition fee will be waived
  • Round trip airfare from home country to Japan and back after completion will be offered by MEXT
  • Free residence halls for international students provided by universities.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must be non-resident of Japan.
  • The candidate must belong to the country with diplomatic relations
  • Applicants with Japanese nationality at the time of application cannot apply.
  • Candidates applying for MEXT must be born on or after April 2, 1985.
  • Applicants must have finished 16 years of education in countries other than Japan to apply for a master’s program.
  • Applicants must have completed 18 years of their education in countries other than Japan to be eligible for the doctoral program.

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MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship Country List

Scholarship For Asia Region:

1) Brunei Darussalam

MEXT Scholarships for Brunei Darussalam 2022 application deadline is 28th May 2021. For more detail please visit Here

2) Indonesia

MEXT Scholarships for Indonesia 2022 application deadline is 7th May 2021. For scholarships please Apply Now

3) Malaysia

MEXT Scholarships for Malaysia 2022 the last date of application is 8th May 2021. To Apply for scholarships please click here

4) Myanmar

MEXT Scholarships for Myanmar 2022 applications are open now. To apply for scholarships Apply Now

5) Nepal

MEXT Scholarships for Nepal 2022 deadline is 14th May 2021 for details Click Here

6) Pakistan

MEXT Scholarships for Pakistan 2022 application Deadline is 21st May 2021 (Graduate), 28th May 2021 (Undergraduate) for more details Click Here

7) Singapore

MEXT Scholarships for Singapore 2022 last to apply is 25th June 2021 for details visit Here

8) Bangladesh

MEXT Scholarships for Bangladesh 2022 for deadline and more details please click Here

9) Bhutan

MEXT Scholarships for Bhutan 2022 for deadlines and details please Visit Here

10) Cambodia

MEXT Scholarships for Cambodia 2022 for last date of applications and more details visit Here

11) China

For the details about MEXT Scholarships for China 2022 please click here Apply Now

12) Hong Kong

To see the deadline and application details about MEXT Scholarships for Hong Kong 2022 Click Here

13) Iran

For MEXT Scholarships for Iran 2022 details please Click Here

14) India

MEXT Scholarships for India 2022 are also open now. For detail information please visit Here

15) Laos

MEXT Scholarships for Laos 2022 are open for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD. For detail information Click Here

16) Maldives

For MEXT Scholarships for Maldives 2022 click here to Apply Now.

17) Mongolia

The MEXT Scholarships for Mongolia 2022 are open now for the Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD. Candidates can Apply Now for this scholarship.

18) Philippines

For MEXT Scholarships for Philippines 2022 details and information please visit Here.

19) Sri Lanka

MEXT Scholarships for Sri Lanka 2022 is open for the programs of Undergraduate, Masters and, PhD. For detail information please visit the official link Here.

20) Thailand

MEXT Scholarships for Thailand 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now.

21) Timor-Leste

MEXT Scholarships for Timor-Leste 2022 applications are open now: Apply Now.

22) Vietnam

MEXT Scholarships for Vietnam 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now.

Scholarships for Africa Region:

1) Algeria

MEXT Scholarships for Algeria 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

2) Benin

MEXT Scholarships for Benin 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

3) Botswana

MEXT Scholarships for Botswana 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

4) Burkina Faso

MEXT Scholarships for Burkina Faso 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

5) Cameroon, Chad, and Central Africans

MEXT Scholarships for Cameroon, Chad, and Central Africans applications are now open: Apply Now

6) Egypt

MEXT Scholarships for Egypt 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

7) Ghana

MEXT Scholarships for Ghana 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

8) Liberia

MEXT Scholarships for Liberia 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

9) Mauritius

MEXT Scholarships for Mauritius 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

10) Nigeria

MEXT Scholarships for Nigeria 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now

11) South Africa

MEXT Scholarships for South Africa 2022 applications are now open: Apply Now.

How To Apply For MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship

To see the MEXT Scholarship Application form, please click below. For more details about countries with their deadlines please visit the given Official Link.

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