OIST Research Internship Program 2022 in Japan – Fully Funded

Great News, Applications are open for OIST Research Internship Program 2022 in Japan. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) offering this Japan Internship program. All International students are welcome to apply for this Fully Funded internship in Japan. This OIST scholarship is open for Post-Graduate degree programs for the year 2022. Must visit KAUST International Internship 2021 in Saudi Arabia – Fully Funded.

Japan summer research internship will cover all costs as this is a Fully Funded internship program. All academic fields are available to apply for a summer internship in Japan. The duration of this Japanese internship is typically from 2 to 6 months and no extension will be provided. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology internship is open for all nationalities around the world.

Students can obtain experience in a specific laboratory or master a specific technique during this short-term internship. Interns will work under the supervision of a Professor and contribute to OIST’s research activities. It’s a great opportunity to study and work in Japan. You can also visit MEPI Leadership Development Fellowship 2022 in USA – Fully Funded.

Details About OIST Research Internship Program

  • Award Country: Japan
  • Host Institute: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology(OIST)
  • Internship Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Nationality: All International
  • Duration: 2 to 6 Months
  • Last Date: 31 March 2022

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About Research Internship

As a Research Intern, students in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, as well as recent graduates interested in joining the OIST PhD program, can participate in instructional activities at OIST. A research internship at OIST allows students to gain experience working in a research setting while being supervised by OIST faculty.

On a competitive basis, research intern positions are awarded twice a year. Selection is highly competitive and is based on the feasibility of the proposed research, academic background, financing, and available space. There is no guarantee that all open positions will be filled.

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Financial Benefits

OIST is offering a Paid internship in Japan and will cover all costs of the selected participants. The benefits offered by the internship are as follows:

  • Allowance (Stipend) – 2,400 JPY per day (Non-taxable).
  • Roundtrip Airfare travel Tickets for successful applicants
  • Insurance
  • Visa support
  • Furnished apartment on or off campus
  •  Commuting support

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Available Subjects

  • Integrative Community Ecology Unit
  • Nonlinear and Non-equilibrium Physics Unit
  • Quantum Systems
  • Evolutionary Genomics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Femtosecond Spectroscopy
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Neural Computation
  • Biodiversity and Bio complexity
  • Applied Topology Unit
  • Electronic and Quantum Magnetism
  • Mathematics, Mechanics and Materials
  • Embodied Cognitive Science
  • Neural Coding and Brain Computing Unit
  • Sensory and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Continuum Physics
  • Biological Systems
  • Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
  • Qubits and Spacetime
  • Evolution, Cell Biology, and Symbiosis
  • Immune Signalling
  • Organic Optoelectronics Unit
  • Approximate Bayesian Inference Team
  • Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Cell Division Dynamics Unit
  • Membranology
  • Quantum Dynamics
  • Membrane Cooperativity
  • Optical Neuroimaging
  • Marine Eco-Evo-Devo
  • Protein Engineering and Evolution
  • Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit
  • Information Processing Biology (Unit Video)
  • Developmental Neurobiology
  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Physics and Biology
  • Marine Biophysics
  • Algorithms for Eco And Evo Genomics Unit
  • Organic and Carbon Nanomaterials Unit
  • Quantum Gravity
  • Light-Matter Interactions For Quantum Technologies
  • Quantum Materials Science
  • Human Evolutionary Genomics Unit
  • Biological Complexity
  • Energy Materials and Surface Sciences
  • Marine Climate Change Unit
  • Computational Neuroethology Unit
  • Molecular Genetics Unit
  • Complex Fluids and Flows Unit
  • Marine Genomics
  • Plant Epigenetics
  • Theory of Quantum Matter
  • Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics
  • Quantum Wave Microscopy
  • Structural Cellular Biology
  • Nonlinear Analysis Unit
  • Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics
  • Biological Physics Theory
  • Experimental Quantum Information Physics
  • Cellular and Molecular Synaptic Function
  • Chemistry and Chemical Bioengineering
  • Memory Research
  • Cognitive Neurorobotics
  • Molecular Neuroscience
  • Shocks, Solitons and Turbulence Unit
  • Gravity, Quantum Geometry and Field Theory
  • Human Developmental Neurobiology
  • Quantum Machines Unit
  • Neuronal Rhythms in Movement
  • Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit
  • Neurobiology Research  
  • Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy
  • Cell Signalling
  • G0 Cell Unit
  • Neuronal Mechanisms for the Critical Period
  • Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering
  • Neural Circuit Unit
  • Bioinspired Soft Matter
  • Analysis on Metric Spaces

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from all over the globe are welcome to apply.
  • Excellent students in their final two years of undergraduate or master’s programmes at universities, colleges, junior colleges, vocational schools in Japan or abroad, or graduates of such institutions, are allowed to apply for the OIST Research Internship Program.
  • At the moment, enrolled students must obtain permission from their home institution.
  • Applicants’ academic backgrounds should be relevant to their selected host unit(s) at OIST.


Applicants who plan to import biological or hazardous materials for their research should ensure that they comply with all restrictions in their home country, any transit nation, and Japan and that they complete all relevant papers for importation well in advance.

Payment, intellectual property rights, attendance, health and safety, and other detailed regulations have been drafted and will be made accessible to successful candidates.

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Documents Required

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Interest
  • A letter of Recommendation
  • Academic Transcript
  • ID Photo

How to Apply For OIST Research Internship Program?

Please complete the online application form and attach all of the above-mentioned documents. Visit the official website mentioned below for any form of assistance. This online form will be the sole way to apply for an OIST Internship in Japan.

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