How to Get Portugal Work Visa 2023 – Details & Process

Do you require assistance in locating Portugal Work Visa 2023? Then this article might assist you in making a better decision for the future. The post today will go over all the pertinent information on the 2023 Portugal Work Visa Requirements. To enter and begin working there, you must have a work visa if you are a citizen of a country outside of the EU. People also seek Portugal work permits from Dubai. Also Read Farm Worker Jobs 2023 in Canada with Sponsored Visas

So, you can apply for a Work Visa if you have a job offer from an organization or firm in Portugal. The method is very similar to other Visa processes. When you start a job, for instance, your company will apply for a work permit on your behalf; after you obtain a work permit, you must apply for a work visa from Portugal. Related New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 – High Demand Jobs

In summary, the application process for any type of work visa is straightforward but may take longer to process because it must follow specific steps. You must read the entire article to gain a comprehensive understanding of the visa application process and learn more about the Portuguese work visa procedure.

Portugal Work Visa Process 2023 Summary

  • Job Country: Portugal
  • Eligible Nationalities: Foreigners
  • Category: Work Visa

Portugal Work Visa Types

We will also discuss the various Portugal Work Visa categories in this article so you can decide which is best for your employment. Also Read Home-Based Online Earning Jobs Without Investment – Earn Money Online

1. Work Visa for Self employed 

Candidates who own their own companies or provide services and want to work in Portugal must apply for a self-employed visa and work as independent candidates.

2. Work Visa for Cultural Activities 

If you want to participate in any cultural event in Portugal, you must apply for a cultural activity Work Visa.

3. Work Visa for Skilled Workers 

If you work in a highly regarded sector such as engineering, science, medicine, information technology, or another, you will require a skilled worker visa.

4. Work Visa for Highly Skilled workers

Professionals with a salary that is 1.5 times the gross annual wage in Portugal are eligible for this sort of work visa.

5. Work Visa for Teaching

You could apply for a Teaching work visa if you receive an offer to work as a teacher in a facility or center for education or career training.

Who Needs a Work Visa in Portugal?

To enter any nation, a work visa is required. Additionally, a work visa is required if you intend to enter Portugal for employment purposes. If you are a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, however, you do not need a work visa; nonetheless, if you intend to stay for more than three months, you will need a residency certificate. Good Read Jobs in Europe for Foreigners – Find a Job in Europe 2022

Portugal Work Visa Requirements 2023

  • The following necessary documents are required for the Portugal Work Visa application process. 
  • a current passport
  • Photos the size of a passport; you must adhere to the Portugal visa picture requirements.
  • Evidence that people in the country are living sustainably.
  • Your absence of criminal history.
  • a letter of authorization for SEF to check your criminal history.
  • the proof of health insurance
  • proof of residence in Portugal.
  • agreement for employment
  • You must present proof of residency if you are a citizen or are already a resident of Portugal.
  • English or Portuguese must be used on all documents.
  • All academic records need to be certified.

Portugal Work Visa Applying Process

Following a job offer, you must complete the three steps of the application procedure, which include:

  • The work permit must be requested on your behalf by your employer. 
  • Before you leave the nation, you should take this action.
  • Candidates can submit an application for a work visa at any nearby Portuguese Embassy.
  • Applying for a residence visa will be the following stage after you have arrived in the nation. 
  • The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service is another option (SEF).

Processing Time of Portugal Work Visa

The application procedure typically takes up to 60 days. The embassy will not issue you a visa for up to two to three months. However, depending on your employment, it may occasionally go more quickly.

Cost of Portugal Work Visa

For instance, you must pay the application cost in more than one requirement area;

  • The cost of an entry visa will be €90.
  • The cost of submitting an application for a residence permit is €83.
  • After acquiring the work permit from SEF, you must pay €72.

The validity period of a Portuguese Work Visa

After receiving your work visa permission, you are granted a one- to a two-year period of validity to reside in Portugal. After that, you can apply for SEF to have your visa renewed as well as renew your work permit. You can apply for permanent residence in Portugal if you have lived there for five years.

When can I become a citizen of Portugal?

Once you have lived in Portugal for at least six years, either temporarily or permanently, you can apply to become a citizen. You can then submit your application for Portuguese citizenship.


Candidates looking for jobs in Portugal are urged to read this post because we have covered all the information surrounding the Portugal Work Visa in full today.