Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022 – Fully Funded

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022 are now accepting applications. This fellowship is open to international students from Commonwealth countries. The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue a two-year Master’s degree in a Commonwealth low- or middle-income country. This is a prized honor given to gifted kids. This is a Fully Funded scholarship for a postgraduate degree program. Also visit Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship 2022 in Japan – Fully Funded.

The Commonwealth Masters Scholarship program provides students from Commonwealth countries who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities. This is the best opportunity to pursue their Master’s degree on a full scholarship in a different country, broadening their horizons and expanding their global network. The scholarships are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to a new nation and culture, widen one’s perspectives, and form a worldwide network that will last a lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars seek to bring about positive change and find solutions to the shared difficulties we confront, both in their home countries and in those that host them, through cultural interaction and scholarly collaboration. Scholars will help define the Commonwealth’s future as active members of the network. You can also apply for University of Oregon Excellence Scholarship 2022 in USA – Study in USA.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships Details

  • Offered by: ACU
  • Degree level: Master’s Degree
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Nationality: International
  • Last Date: 24th May 2022

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Scholarship Benefits

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarships are Fully Funded scholarships that can be used to pursue a Master’s degree at one of the member universities. The Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 is described in full below:

  • Fully Funded Tuition Fees.
  • Living expenses allowance (stipend) for the duration of the award.
  • Return flights to their host country in economy class.
  • An arrival allowance.
  • Research support grant – on request only, subject to approval.

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Participating Universities

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022 include 12 countries and their universities that offer Master’s Degree Courses. The following are the specifics:


University of Eswatini:

  • Programs Offered:
    • Master of Nursing Science in Family Nurse Practice
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration
    • MA History
    • MEd Primary
    • MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics
    • MSc Agricultural Education
    • MSc Agricultural Extension
    • MSc Animal Science
    • MEd Adult Education
    • MEd Curriculum & Teaching
    • MEd Educational Foundations & Management
    • MSc Chemistry
    • MSc Computational Physics
    • MSc Conservation Ecology
    • MSc Food Science and Technology
    • MSc Horticulture
    • MSc Mathematics
    • MSc Midwifery
    • MSc Textiles
    • MSc Consumer Science Education
    • MSc Crop Protection
    • MSc Crop Science
    • MSc Environmental Resources Management.
  • Contact: [email protected]


University of Dhaka:

  • Available courses: All Master’s Programs that are a maximum of two years.  For further information please visit www.du.ac.bd
  • Contact: [email protected]


The Technical University of Kenya:

  • Programs Offered:
    • Master Of Applied Linguistics
    • MA Entrepreneurship
    • Master of Musical Arts in Composition Or Performance
    • Master Of Music in Music Education Or African Music Studies
    • MBA Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Construction Project Management
    • MPhil Applied Parasitology
    • MPH Master Of Public Health
    • MSc Electrical And Electronics Engineering
    • MSc Computational Chemistry
    • MSc Event Management
    • MSc Forensic Biochemistry
    • MSc Hospitality Management
    • MSc Information And Knowledge Management
    • MSc Applied Parasitology
    • MTech Petroleum Chemical Technology
    • MTech Mechanical Engineering Technology
    • MSc Applied Statistics
    • MSc Community Nutrition
    • MSc International Relations
    • MSc Mathematical Statistics
    • MSc Physics
    • MSc Tourism Management
    • MSc Land Administration
    • MTech Applied Entomology
    • MTech Applied Parasitology
    • MTech Communication And Computer Networks
    • MSc Mathematics
    • MSc Medical Laboratory Sciences
    • MSc Medical Physics
    • MTech Computer Technology
    • MTech Environmental Resource Management
  • Contact: [email protected]

University of Nairobi

  • Programs Offered:
    • MA Anthropology
    • MA Communication Studies
    • MA Gender And Development Studies
    • MA International Relations
    • MA Diplomacy
    • MA Economic Policy Management
    • MA Economics
    • MA International Studies
    • MA Medical Sociology
    • MA Monitoring And Evaluation
    • MA Sociology (Disaster Management)
    • MA Sociology (Rural Sociology And Community Development)
    • MA Women, Leadership And Governance In Africa
    • MA Political Science And Public Administration
    • MA Population
    • MA Sociology (Criminology And Social Order)
    • Masters of Research And Public Policy
    • MPA Master of Public Administration
    • MSc Health Economics And Policy
    • MSc Population
  • Contact: [email protected]

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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

  • Programs Offered:
    • MSc, MEd, MFA, MA, MCOMM, MBA, MPA, MPH, LLM, and MPhil courses
    • Entry requirements: Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized institution in the relevant field of study. See courses specific requirements on KNUST’s website.
  • Contact: [email protected]

The University of the West Indies

  • Programs Offered:
    • MA Creative Arts
    • MA Linguistics
    • MEd Education
    • MSc Accounting and Finance (ACCA Embedded)
    • Master Business Analytics
    • MSc Marketing
    • MSc Finance
    • MA History
    • MA Heritage Studies
    • MSc Finance and Investments
    • MSc International Business
    • MSc International Business and Finance
    • MSc International Business and Trade
    • MPH Master  Public Health
    • MSc Management Information Systems
    • MSc Project Management
    • MSc Sport Sciences
    • MSc Tourism with Project Management
    • MSc Gender and Development Studies
    • MSc Natural Resource Management
    • MA Heritage Studies
    • MA History
    • MSc Clinical Medical Physics
    • MPH Master of Public Health
    • MA Communication for Social and Behaviour Change
    • MSc Medical Physics
    • Environmental Management
    • MSc Natural Resource Management – Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystem
    • MSc Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
    • MSc Natural Resource Management – Disaster Risk Management
    • Master of Science Natural Resource Management – Integrated Urban and Rural
    • MSc Development Studies
    • Master of Arts History
    • MSc Tropical Crop Protection
    • MSc Agricultural Economics
    • MSc Food Security
    • MSc National Security and Strategic Studies
    • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • MSc Animal Science and Production
    • MSc Marketing and Agribusiness
    • MSc Value Addition for Food and Nutrition Security
    • MSc Statistics
    • MSc Aviation Management
    • MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • MSc Economics
    • MSc Computer Sciences
    • MSc Mathematics
    • MSc Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
    • MSc Management Studies
    • MSc Social Work
    • MSc Tourism Development and Management
    • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Management
    • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering with Environmental Engineering
    • MSc Civil Engineering
    • MSc Civil with Environmental Engineering
    • Master of Applied Science Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering
    • MSc Engineering Management
    • MSc Environmental Engineering
    • MSc Food Science and Technology
    • MSc Petroleum Engineering
    • MSc Production Management
    • MSc Production Engineering and Management
    • MSc Geoinformatics
    • MSc Manufacturing Engineering
    • MSc Reservoir Engineering
    • MSc Urban and Regional Planning
    • MSc Gender & Development Studies
  • Contact: [email protected]


These 2 universities in Malaysia are participating in Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022.

University of Malaya

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

  • Programs Offered:
  • Available courses can be found here.
  • Entry requirements:
    • A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.750.
    • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a CGPA of 2.500 to 2.749 and a minimum of three years of relevant work experience, or subject to a thorough internal review by the faculty or institute.
    • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a CGPA of less than 2.500 and a minimum of five years of related job experience.
  • Contact: [email protected]

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COMSATS University Islamabad

  • Available courses:
    • MSc Computer Science
    • MSc Physics
    • MSc Biosciences
    • MSc Bioinformatics
    • MSc Mathematics
    • MSc Meteorology
    • MSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • MSc Management Sciences
    • MSc Project Management
    • MSc Molecular Genetics
    • MSc Microbiology and Immunology
    • MSc Computer Engineering
  • Contact: [email protected]


University of Mauritius

  • Available courses:
    • Master of Public Health (MPH) – one-year full-time program
  • Contact: [email protected]


The State University of Zanzibar

  • Available courses:
    • MSc Natural Resource management and climate change
    • MSc Chemistry
    • MA Youth and Gender Development
  • Contact: [email protected]


University of Rwanda

  • Available courses:
    • MA Development Studies
    • MA Security Studies
    • MA Translation And Interpreting
    • Master In Field Epidemiology And Laboratory Management
    • MA Genocide Studies And Prevention
    • MA Peace Studies And Conflict Transformation
    • Master Of Hospital And Healthcare Administration
    • Master Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, QA And QC
    • Masters In International Climinal Justice And The Law Of Human Rights
    • MEd Biology Education
    • MEd Chemistry Education
    • Master Of Social Sciences In Gender And Development
    • Master Of Social Sciences In Local Governance Studies
    • Masters In Business Law
    • MEd Curriculum and Instructions
    • MEd Educational Leadership and Management
    • MEd English Education
    • MEd French Education
    • MEd Physics Education
    • MEd Special Needs Education
    • MPhil Public Health
    • MSc Accounting
    • MSc Agribusiness
    • MSc Agriculture Engineering With Specialisation In Soil And Water Engineering
    • MSc Agroforestry And Soil Management
    • MEd Kinyarwanda Education
    • MEd Kiswahili Education
    • MEd Mathematics Education
    • MSc Animal Production
    • MSc Clinical Psychology And Therapeutics
    • MSc Crop Science
    • MSc Data Science In Demography
    • MSc Data Science In Econometrics
    • MSc Economics
    • MSc Epidemiology
    • MSc Field Epidemilogy
    • MSc Health Informatics
    • MSc Health Supply Chain Management
    • MSc Public Health
    • MSc Regulatory Economics and Competition Policy
    • MSc Data Science In Actuarial Science
    • MSc Data Science In Biostatistics
    • MSc Data Science In Data Minings
    • MSc Nursing (8 Speciality Tracks: Critical Care And Trauma, Paediatric, Medical
    • Surgical, Nephrology,
    • MSc Psychiatry
  • Contact: [email protected]

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The following university is participating in Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships from Uganda.

Makerere University

  • Available courses:
    • MA Economic Policy Management
    • MSc Population and reproductive health
    • MA Gender Studies
    • Master of Statistics
    • MSc Agribusiness Management
    • Master of Public Health (Full time)
    • MSc Agricultural and Applied Economics
    • MSc Civil Engineering
    • MSc Geo-Information Science and Technology
    • MSc Immunology and Clinical Microbiology
    • MSc Crop Science
    • MSc Food Safety and Quality Management
    • MSc Plant Breeding and Seed Systems
    • MSc Renewable Energy
  • Contact: [email protected]

Eligibility Criteria

  • To apply for a scholarship, click here. You must be a Commonwealth Country citizen (or have refugee status in one).
  • At the time of admission, you must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • There is no maximum age.
  • Universities may have their own admittance requirements that must be met.

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How to Apply

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022 have an online application system. The Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 application deadline is January 10, 2022. Below is a link to the online application. The following sections make up the application form:

  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. Personal Details
  3. Academic & Employment Record
  4. The course at the host university details
  5. Statements (writing guidelines)
  6. Upload supporting documents

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