Switzerland Work Visa Requirements 2023

The Switzerland Work Visa Requirements are simple. This visa is required if you wish to be able to work there. Depending on the sort of job, Switzerland offers three different types of work permits. You must additionally apply for a residence permit if you intend to stay in Switzerland for a period longer than 90 days. You must first apply for a long-stay visa for Switzerland before submitting a resident permit application.

I’ll go over every aspect of the Switzerland Work Visa application and criteria in this post. The procedure for requesting a Swiss work visa is determined by the kind of nationality you hold. Both citizens of EFTA and of EU countries do not require a work visa. Other non-EU nationals must have a visa and authorization before entering Switzerland. The categories of work visas for Switzerland and further information are provided below. May also like Australian Work Visa Types 2023 and Requirements.


As a citizen of a country outside the EU/EFTA. Before applying for this, one must meet these requirements :

  • You are an employee with knowledge and qualifications (manager, expert, educated).
  • You have a college degree, plenty of professional experience, and specialized knowledge.
  • A job is already waiting for you.
  • It is permitted by the annual cap on Swiss work permits.

Switzerland Work Visa Quota for 2023

At the start of 2023. The number of work visas expected to be issued in 2023 is shown in the table below.

CountriesNo of Short-term L permit – up to 24 monthsNo of Long-term B permit – over 24 months
Croatian nationals10071150
EU/EEA nationals (including Bulgarian / Romanian nationals)3000500
Non-EU/European Economic Area (EEA) nationals4,0004,500
UK nationals14002100

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Types of Switzerland Work Visa and Stay Duration

  1. Permit L for Short-term Residence
  2. Permit B for Long term Residence
  3. Permit C for Permanent Residence

Permit L: The original duration of the short-duration permit L is one year. You need a contact letter from your employer in Switzerland, and this permit does not allow you to change jobs or employers. The Visa may be extended for an additional year. With a Permit L, however, you are only permitted to stay for 24 months.

Permit B: Although Permit B is also valid for a year, you can renew it each year. It is referred to as an initial residence permit since after ten years of continuous residence in Switzerland with a B Permit, you become eligible for a permanent residence permit (Permit C).

Permit C: You may apply for Swiss permanent residence after ten years of continuous residence in Switzerland. You can work with any employer, switch occupations at any time, and reside anywhere in Switzerland with a Permit C.

How to apply?

  1. Finding employment in Switzerland and having the employer sponsor or assist with your visa.
  2. The Swiss work visa document file must be completed.
  3. In Switzerland, your employer requests a residency permit for you.
  4. In your nation, you apply for a work visa.

Where you can apply for this Visa?

People from non-EU countries can apply at the Switzerland Embassy, consulate, or VFS Global in their home country.

Sponsorship Jobs

In Switzerland, there are many businesses, lodging facilities, and organizations that sponsor work visas and are prepared to hire foreign workers.

Check to see what else you need to do to get your visa document file ready. More information is available at: https://www.ch.ch/en/foreign-nationals-in-switzerland/working-in-switzerland/.

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