For the people who are searching for a complete process for Canadian Immigration or Permanent Residence in Canada, this is the best article! Although our primary focus is on Canadian Scholarships, due to the scarcity of funded opportunities in Canada. The second most frequently asked topic is about obtaining immigration. Recently, Canada’s Prime Minister increased the number of immigrants allowed to enter the country for 2022. Canadian immigrant’s target has been raised to 432,000 people. Without the assistance of any consultant, here is the step-by-step process with rough (time and money) needs. There will be no IELTS Academic test.

I’ve just covered what you truly need to know if you wish for Canadian Immigration through the skilled program. Based on your education, professional experience, and English language skills, you can immigrate to Canada. You’ll obtain permanent residency in a matter of months! Expenses may be between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars. One of the most common Canadian immigration programs is called “Express Entry or EE (Federal Skilled Program aka FSW)”. You can also apply for Halcyon Flagship Residential Fellowship 2022 in the United States.

Canadian Immigration – Step by Step Process

Step 1: Degree Evaluation

  • First of all, you need to obtaining a Canadian evaluation (equivalence) of your higher education. There were a few organizations that could have helped you out with this.
  • WES stands for “World Education Services.” Because it is the quickest!
  • Some documents will be sent to them directly, while others will sent through the university where you studied.
  • It’s the highest degree for which you’ve achieved equivalency that counts. In general, its a simple procedure. It is not costly, complex, or time demanding.

Step 2: IELTS

  • To assess your English language abilities, they will need the General Training IELTS result.
  • This step was also relatively straightforward, with no complications.

Step 3: Work Experience

This step is pretty simple and straightforward! A minimum of three years of work experience will earn you the most points for the work experience component.

Step 4: Police Certificates

  • The CCPO certifications are issued by CCPO offices.
  • There is no cost. Or even if you have to pay, it will be a very small fee.
  • The country you are residing in currently, a certificate from that country will also be required.

Step 5: To Enter the Express Entry Draw

Once you’ve received your Canadian Educational Assessment (equivalence) and IELTS results, you’re ready to move further. Under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, you are qualified to participate in the Express Entry Draw.

What is this draw?

  • They basically pull a draw every couple of weeks. At each draw, they send out a “invitation to apply” to a few thousand people!
  • For example, suppose they’re mailing out 3000 invites to enter a drawing. The top 3000 applicants will be invited to apply when they are rated based on their points.
  • Age, work experience, education, and IELTS are the primary factors that determine how many points you get.

Step 6: Medical Examination

It is necessary to have a medical examination (can be done before or after applying for the PR).

Step 7: Apply for the PR (Permanent Residence)

  • You are ready to apply for Canadian PR once you have received the “Invitation to Apply.”
  • You’ll also need “proof of money” in addition to the paperwork listed above. This is required because they require confirmation that you have sufficient finances to settle in Canada when you arrive.
  • If you are single, married, or married with children, the amount will vary. You only need to show this amount and you will not be charged! (It’s usually in the form of a bank statement.)
  • This amount that you must show might be approximately USD 8000 (a little less if single and a little more if you have children).
  • You must submit your application online. All documents, including your passport, are submitted electronically.
  • I wouldn’t argue that applying for a PR is difficult, but it does necessitate meticulous attention to detail. Even slight errors can result in the rejection of a PR application.

Step 8: Wait!

Once you apply for the PR, then wait!

  • 30% of the applicants will get the approval within 2 months!
  • 60% of the applicants will get the approval within 4 months!
  • 90% of the applicants will get the approval within 6 months!
  • 10% of the applicants can take longer than 6 months!

Furthermore, 98 percent of cases are handled without the need for an interview. In 90% of cases, PR is approved within six months.

Moreover, if your case isn’t complicated by travel history or anything else, and you fall into the 90% category, you may expect your PR in a matter of months! In the other case if things are a little complex, expect a few more months and a maximum of an interview!

Step 9: CORP

  • Get your passport stamped and obtain the COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence).
  • Once your online application is approved, you simply submit your passport to the nearest Canadian embassy, receive your visa and COPR within a few days!

Step 10: Land in Canada!

  • Arrive in Canada before your stamped visa and COPR expire. You will receive your Permanent Resident card in Canada.
  • To become a Canadian citizen, you must spend at least three years in Canada during a five-year span!


  • It’s simple, straightforward, and doable process for Canadian Immigration or Permanent Residence in Canada.
  • If you’re seeking skilled immigration, I have no doubt that this is the ideal program for you.
  • Finally, you don’t require the consultancy or Canadia Immigration lawyers to complete this simple process. Many of the consultants have been reported and observed to be unqualified, incompetent, unprofessional, and a rip-off to provide these services.
  • Many candidates have complained about PR rejections and fraud of consultants.
  • Everything is available on the internet and summed up in this article, and you are the best person to handle your case.

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